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Most people never think to think about the hows and whys of running. Most people just do it. After all, it's like…running's like breathing, isn't it?  You just do it, right?


Well, until you lose neuromuscular control of your body, running  is like breathing.


But maybe you should think about the hows and whys. Reading Tommye-K. Mayer's "Teaching Me To Run," brings a new awareness to your running. With this new awareness, many find themselves more effective runners enjoying it even more.


How and Why did stroke survivor Tommye K. Mayer teach her hemiplegic body to run? yes, run! Having survived a nearly fatal cerebral hemorrhage, Mayer shouldn't have been able to succeed. Instead, in Teaching Me To Run, Mayer shows readers just how she did it, learning well enough finish Boston's Tufts 10K, and this past June 2001, to finish the Kona Marathon with the American Stroke Association marathon team.
Take a peek inside.  Read a bit of this triumph of mind over matter. Or your copy from Amazon.


One-Handed in a Two-Handed World , 2007 Third Edition

Text Box:  Written by one who's "been there - done that," One-Handed is a step-by-step guide for managing just about everything with the use of only one hand.

Whether your one-handedness is a result of a:

·         Short-term condition with strained muscles or tendons that need to be rested between physical therapy sessions

·         Long-term condition with broken bones or repetitive stress injury (before surgical intervention - while it's so painful, and post-surgery - while it heals)

·         Permanent condition due to paralysis, arthritis, or even amputation

One-Handed in a Two-Handed World will help you get back into living. Click on the book title, above, for more information.

Endorsed by Dr. C. Everett Koop, Sen. Bob Dole, actress Patricia Neal, and Sen. Max Cleland this is the bible for managing with the use of one hand.  Click to order your copy today.


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What if you were to awaken finding yourself in a stark institutional room with all the trappings of a St. Elsewhere set. Last you were sure, you were on your way to work, driving the same route you'd driven every day of the week, more than fifty weeks a year for what? Two and a half years.

What if you were lying there, sort of watching and idly wondering about this woman occupying herself by straightening cards on the windowsill and arranging flowers in their vases.

What if this woman you were casually wondering about turned out to be your best friend, a college roommate of more than twenty years ago?

What if you'd been looking right at her and not recognizing her! How can anyone possibly reconcile permanent damage like that, not recognizing people you know, damage resulting from a really-not-so-serious car accident? Permanent damage no one else can see, let alone understand.

What if your life, your vocation, and avocations were networking, knowing people, recognizing people, with lots of face-to-face interaction. How do you keep on going?

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It's the story about a couple you could know—young hard-working people you might have invited over to your house. Decent people enjoying each other, their children, their friends, family, and their lives together.

Everything was better than normal, the boys were doing okay in school. Dan just got a new research project—and some more money. Carol was in line for a raise. They were that couple just happy—happy to be together. And then one night Carol didn't make it home from work. It was a twenty five or thirty mile highway commute on straight roads—not too heavily traveled, except for the trucks.

He's still young enough, just thirty - something. Together, he and Carol were already witnessing age and time sap the vitality, the personality, the life from his mother until Mum barely recognized them any more. Until they'd had to move her into the nursing home—for her own good.

Suddenly though, it's Carol, Dan's life partner, his wife and the mother of their two boys, eight and ten, frozen now in a coma and unresponsive week after week, and lying in the Intensive Care Unit at the hospital downtown.

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Not for Long

It's a "Bridges" love story, an impossible situation. Seven years ago, he said, "not for long," repeating himself to clarify without her asking, "I won't be married for long." Seven years ago, she believed him. Now, al those years later, she was the one who was paying The one who kept on paying, even though she wasn't the one who'd vowed to "love and cherish", yet without true love.

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I Have Not Been a Perfect Man

Tommye isn't talking much about this novel except to say, "I've climbed into the head of Jack van Aria who never imagined it would work out the way it has or that he'd respond the way he did after fighting their way through Marta's breast cancer."  Email inquiries about this soon to be available novel.